Special Attire-PM Modi In White Veshti
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While the top leaders of the world, Indian PM Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping began their informal meeting at Tamil Nadu's Mahabalipuram on Friday, people of the country have been discussing a lot about the traditional attire of Modi! Tamilians, who take a lot of pride in seeing Modi wear the white shirt and a dhoti, have been quite attracted to his clothes because he carries it with full of grace.For digital media and politician enthusiasts, it was impossible to ignore Modi in traditional white shirt, veshti and an angavastram on the shoulder. After touring the Mamallapuram monuments including Krishna's Butter Ball, Five Rathas and Shore Temple, the two leaders have been served with South Indian dishes like Arachavitta Sambhar, Thakkali Rasam, Kadalai Korma, Mamsam Biryani and Kavanarasi Halwa.This isn't the first time PM Narendra Modi made an attempt to outreach the people of Tamil Nadu and he seems to be following the popular English Proverb: 'When in Rome, Do as the Romans do' to help BJP make inroads into Tamil Nadu state.



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