Rahul Imitates Priya Varrier In Loksabha
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Rahul Gandhi gave a speech of his life on Friday during the No Confidence Motion in Parliament. He may have hoped to be compared with Narendra Modi. But, one act of childish indiscretion has hit him so hard that he is now being comared not with Modi, but with Priya Prakash Warrier.

The image of Rahul winking at his partymen after hugging Modi has gone viral and soon everything he said in his speech was forgotten. As if on a cue, the netizen community quickly drew comparisons between he and Priya. Whose wink was the best, someone questioned. It may be recalled that Priya shot to fame when her winking during a song from her debut film Oru Adaar Love went viral. She became an instant celebrity. Rahul's wink appears to have surpassed Priya's wink in creating sensation.




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