Rahul Hug To Modi Is A Preplanned Action
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Rahul Gandhi's hug to PM Narendra Modi became a highlight of the debate on No Confidence Motion. Believe it or not, It's not an impromptu decision but a strategic move planned months in advance.

A Source close to Congress Leadership revealed, This idea was considered after Narendra Modi mocked Rahul, Sonia and Gandhi Family during one of his speeches 3-4 months ago. Congress Topbrass decided to go ahead after weeks long deliberation.

Rahul Gandhi came to the conclusion that public display of affection is the best way to counter Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Since his campaigning for Gujarat Assembly Polls, Congress Chief kept saying his political rivalry with Modi hasn't developed into hatred. 'There is zero hatred in Me towards Modi,' he told. 

Actually, Rahul thought a lot about the timing of the 'Surprise' hug, whether it should be during Modi's speech or Before/After His Speech? In the end, He did it in the right way at the right time. 



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