Kesineni Hitting A Dead Snake To Come Out Of TDP
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Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani is upset with TDP leadership since a month or so. But he maintained his patience and then targeted the YSR Congress government with his tweets and Facebook status. Nani did not even spare TDP MPs who joined BJP. So everyone thought that Nani will certainly stick to TDP.

But this weekend things seems to have changed. On Sunday, Nani targeted TDP MLC Buddha Venkanna in a series of Tweets though not directly. While this topic is still in discussion among the political circles, Nani has made shocking tweets on the wee hours of Monday and this time, Nani directly hit at Naidu.

In this tweet, Nani offered to quit the party and also to the MP seat. "Chandra Babu Garu if you don't want people like me in the party you can let me know I will resign as Member of Parliament and also to the Party membership, if you want people loke me to continue please control your pet dog" wrote the Vijayawada MP. If Nani wants to stay with the party, he asked Naidu to control the pet dog. Once again Nani made indirect comments on the TDP MLC calling him a dog.

Well, this is certainly a big crisis kind of situation in TDP. Chandrababu has been maintaining silence on Nani issue but it's time for him to react as it is getting bigger and bigger with each day passing. 



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