If Andhra Gets Special Status Telangana Should Also Get As Well Says Harish Rao
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Telangana Government seems to have taken an u-turn on Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh. Why did it change it's stand all of a sudden?

While proposing Federal Front few months ago, CM KCR demanded Centre to clarify whether it's offering Special Category Status to AP or not. His Daughter & Nizamabad MP Kavitha spoke in Parliament in favour of the demand during the same period.

Whereas, Telangana Government conveyed to Parliament during the debate on No Confidence Motion that it's not in favour of SCS to AP. TRS Parliamentary Party Leader Vinod opined granting SCS to AP would prove costly for Telangana. 

And now, Irrigation Minister Harish Rao demanded Special Category Status for Telangana as well if AP gets it. He cites the manner in which AP Government has been objecting Irrigation Projects as the reason for it. Harish Rao need to realize even Telangana Congress Leaders & T-JAC Chairman Kodandaram has been opposing those projects. Why did Leaders like Harish Rao remain mum when UPA Government made that promise to AP in 2014? 

Is it fair on part of TRS Leaders, who claim to be ruling the richest state, to object Special Category Status to capital-less AP? Is this what they call 'Vidipoyi Kalisi Undam'? Let's only wish Telangana Leaders cooperate for the development of Andhra Pradesh.




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