DK Aruna Using Bjp Card To Corner Jaipal Reddy
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Is firebrand DK Aruna thinking of leaving the Congress? There is a strong buzz that she is deeply upset with the attempts to weaken her position in the Congress and feels former Union Minister Jaipal Reddy is tring to upstage her. Aruna, who represents Gadwal, has been fighting for the Congress Party and had been one of the strongest pillars of the party all these years. Even when the party was out of power between 1995 and 2004,  she kept the party together in Mahaboobnagar area. In 2004, when the Congress came to power, she became a ministerin YSR cabinet. During that period, Jaipal Reddy was a minister at the Centre. So, there was no problem.

But, now the party is out of power and it might not win in 2014. Still DK Aruna is fighting to keep the Congress together in Mahaboobnagar. But, she is increasingly finding that Jaipal Reddy is trying to edge her out. So, an exasperated Aruna is now looking for other parties. The latest information is that Aruna is in touch with the BJP in Telangana. She had also held few rounds of talks. The BJP sources feel Aruna might be willing to join the BJP if she is given a high position in the party. But, being a clever politican, DK Aruna might be using this as a stick to beat her rival Jaipal Reddy. She had earlier too joined Samajwadi Party and won on its ticket when the going was tough in the Congress. Later, she promptly rejoined the Congress. Is she going to do a repeat of that? Well! Aruna is known for her clever moves!! So expect the unexpected!!



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