Congress High Command About V Hanumantha Rao
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He is one leader who is considered most loyal to the Gandhi family. If the Gandhi family is under attack, he would be the first one to respond. He also claims closeness to the high command. This is former Rajya Sabha MP V Hanumanth Rao for you.

VH has lost more elections than he has won and has entered Rajya Sabha only courtesy the party high command.  But, VH is also a nuisance to the party if not given a key post. He can come up with off-the-cuff statements which could deeply embarrass the party. So, the high command always wants to keep his mouth shut. Now that the party is out of power, it cannot give him an important post. So, how to keep VH in good humour? The AICC, which is trying to reorganize the Congress, is planning to make him general secretary of the party. VH is already a secretary. But, by making him general secretary and giving him responsibility of a small state like Himachal Pradesh  or Sikkim it is planning to keep him happy and silent. A silent VH is more useful for the Congress than a vocal VH.




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