Bjp Spokesman Says Rahul Acts Like A Loafer
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Rahul Gandhi shell shocked BJP Leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the debate on the No Confidence Motion. Congress President succeeded in creating an impression among public that he have the skill/qualities to be the next PM of the country. BJP Leaders who were irked with the rise in Rahul's popularity after the debate on No Trust Motion began targeting him aggressively.

Goa BJP Spokesperson Dattaprasad Naik has gone to the extent of calling Rahul Gandhi a 'loafer' for the wink in Parliament. He told Congress Chief hugged PM Modi to cover up his lack of understanding of issues in the country. He even requested Goa Congress to help its Party Leadership find a credible leader for 2019 Polls as Rahul Gandhi is finding it difficult to grab headlines and resorting to cheap gimmicks. 'We have only heard of Loafers winking at girls in colleges in the past. Such a shameful act happened in the temple of democracy. It's a shame that Congress Party became a puppet in the hands of Gandhi Family,' he commented.

Congress Supporters have been questioning, 'If Rahul Gandhi is a Loafer, what about Narendra Modi?'. During his hour-long speech in Parliament over No Confidence Motion, Modi has done everything to mock Rahul Gandhi. Facial Expressions, Hand Gestures and Body Language of NaMo during that period can't be compared to any of the Ex-PM of India. A Prime Minister needn't have to go to such an extent for having an upper hand. What can BJP Leaders say about it?




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