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Minutes after Modi's speech in Lok Sabha, CM Chandrababu Naidu has called for a late-night press conference and spoke at length. The first reaction of Chandrababu on Modi's speech is that "Deeply Hurting and Very Painful". Naidu told media that this is not the way a Prime Minister speaks in the house. CBN said Modi has evaded crucial questions over the injustice meted out to the new state of Andhra Pradesh. Naidu said Modi tried to project there are serious "differences" between him and his Telangana counterpart KCR which is not fair. Naidu said Modi has been saying in the house repeatedly that "Congress has done injustice to Andhra Pradesh" and my only question to Modi is what justice has BJP done to AP in the last 4 years? Naidu stressed, "If Congress did injustice to AP, why don't you do justice?" Chandrababu alleged that Modi is bringing down the stature of the Prime Minister post and stooping so low.

Why is No-Confidence Motion?

Chandrababu said No-Confidence Motion is to draw the attention of nation towards the problems of AP. AP is the only state in deficit in the entire South. And the state has not been provided required help, said Naidu. Quashing Modi's comments that No-Confidence Motion is moved with "pride", Naidu said it is Modi who is "pride" of having majority. The whole intention of moving No-Trust Motion is to make Modi understand the plight of Andhra Pradesh, but not to topple him or his government, said Naidu. Chandrababu said he is quite aware of the fact that Modi has numbers, but the whole purpose of the No-Confidence Motion is to happen a discussion on AP's issues. Instead of understanding it, Modi has decided to counter-attack. This is unfair, immoral for a Prime Minister to behave in such unilateral manner, stated Chandrababu.

Chandrababu Naidu said this is the first-time a No-Confidence Motion moved by a regional political party has got the support of all Opposition parties in the house. Naidu said it is historic. He said Modi has failed to understand AP's problems. "I have visited 29 times to Delhi. Modi has not given time for 5 minutes to listen to the issues of AP. He now says we took a U-turn. Why is he not giving Special Category Status? Why is the Special Package is not given so far," fumed Chandrababu.

The seasoned politician gave a call for the people of Andhra Pradesh to took to the streets to protest Modi's comments on AP. Naidu alleged that Modi has taken AP "light".

Is AP Not Part of India?

The Centre had earlier told us that the Special Category Status is not accorded to any state. It stated that it would also discontinue the existing states. It had promised of a Special Package on par with the Special Category Status and all the benefits of the Special Category Status to be extended to AP. Only on that one condition, we have agreed for the Special Package. But to much shock, Centre continued the Special Category Status to the 11 other states, and only AP has been denied the Status. They have waited 4 long years and so far, special package is also not delivered. One and a half year after announcing Special Package, now the Centre comes back and asks us to create a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). No other state in the 11 states have been asked to create the SPV. The Centre is asking only AP to have such SPV. Why is this mistreatment and why is this insult? Why only for AP and why not SPV for any other state? Is AP not part of India? Does Prime Minister has no responsibility for the gross injustice meted out to AP?"

Chandrababu has questioned why AP has not been given Railway Zone, Kadapa Steel Plant and other bifurcation promises. He stressed that AP is ignored by Modi since the ruling party doesn't have all 25 MPs in hand. Naidu said it all boils down to the numbers in the house. He said it is war between Morality (TDP) and Majority (BJP). It is TDP Vs BJP and it is State Vs Centre. Naidu said he wouldn't leave the matter here and he would continue to fight. "We have requested, begged the Centre for so long. But they have not even considered our requests. Finally, we started Dharma Poratam or Dharma Yuddh. As part of it, we have moved the No-Confidence Motion. We will not leave it here. We will fight and we take people with us," he added.

No Compromise on AP's Rights

Chandrababu has shot back at Modi's allegation of taking 'U-turn'. Naidu retorted, "Who took the U-turn? Why did TDP joined with BJP in first place? It is for the benefit of AP and its people. Since you have not done anything, TDP has quit from NDA. Again, we had quit keeping the interests of people of our state," an emotional Naidu said. He said it is Modi who is making issues political. 

Reason for Fight With Modi

Letting the cat out of the bag, Chandrababu has revealed the reason for his fight with Modi. "I didn't listen to Modi (in an issue). He seems to have hurt with it. But he is going against the wishes of people. The sole purpose is to stand by people. I thought Modi would understand at least after moving No-Confidence Motion, but he is not in mood to even listen since he has two other parties (YSRCP and Janasena) who are supporting him."

Chandrababu said Modi has been lending support to the corrupt, tainted parties and persons and is sending wrong signals to the country. Naidu said Modi's fight against graft has lost sheen due to his recent acts.



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