Yayy Today We Are Celebrating The 30th Anniversary Of WWW Era
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That was 12th March 1989. British engineer and computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee, an employee at European Research institute CERN in Switzerland, wrote a proposal for what would finally become the World Wide Web (www) and because of which today we have the whole world in our hands. Folks, today we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of 'www' era.

After the proposal got okayed, a NeXT Computer was used by Sir Tim Berners-Lee as the world's first web server and also to write the first web browser in 1990. Later in 1993, we have Mosaic Web Browser coming up, a graphical web browser that changed the face of WWW, which will be accessed through the internet, forever. And the web was made public in April of the same year. 

Today you might have got surprised to see Google's pixelated doodle which celebrates the 30th anniversary of www, an invention that changed our lives eternally. Needless to say, in the wireless era of internet, Google just dominated everything but there is a downside too. 

Speaking of everything, in a nutshell, Tim Berners-Lee told journalists at his CERN office, "Let people take complete control of their data. That is an important thing". 



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