WC Final-Umpires Made Mistake In Awarding England Six Runs, Not Five
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It's been nearly 48 hours that the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 has concluded but there is no end to the controversy surrounding the final match which had witnessed many interesting twists till the final over.

In the 50th over when the field Guptil threw the ball at the wicket-keeper end, the ball accidentally hit Ben Stokes bat and then went to the boundary. The on-field umpire declared the total as SIX runs. However former international umpire Simon Taufel disagreed with it and called it a huge error. Ben Stokes did not complete the run and when he was diving into the crease, the ball hit the bat. So the total runs should be counted as five instead of six.

Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) which is the custodians of the Laws of Cricket say the same thing. The Law 19.8 of the ICC rules, pertaining to 'Overthrow or wilful act of fielder' states that the runs shall be runs but the umpires need to check the point of throw. In this case, Guptil threw the ball away before Stokes run back to the wicket-keeper side. Hence the square leg umpire was supposed to take a call or should have referred it to TV umpire for a suggestion.

This would have happened, Stokes would not have been in strike for the final two balls and the result would turned New Zealand way.

Whatever it is, the ICC rules and the umpiring errors should be addressed on a serious note with heavy criticism pouring down from all corners.



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