The Mistery Of Jayaram Murder Continues Suspected Niece Sikha
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The shocking murder of Coastal Bank director and NRI Chigurupati Jayaram is taking new turns each day with the police investigation. The 55-year-old Jayaram was murdered on last day of January at around 11:20 PM. His body was found in the back seat of his car, which was left parked on the highway side at Ithavaram village.

With several head injuries and no damage to the car, the murder raised several suspicions. Four police teams have been working on this case and financial aspects seem to be the motive behind the murder. Police questioned relatives and family of Jayaram and also the staff of Coastal bank. 

Jayaram and his niece Sikha Choudhary aka Madhuri seem to have conflicts in financial issues. The investigation team has been questioning her, though they say they have not taken anyone into custody for now. Sikha Choudhary's car driver also is being interrogated. 

There are records that Jayaram visited Sikha Choudhary at her residence on 29th January. 

Police are suspecting the usage of poison through hired killers in this case. Jayaram's car driver Satish confirms that the alcohol bottles found in the car were not his boss'.  The toll gate CCTV recording from Panthangi show there were two other traveling with Jayaram in the same car. 

Jayaram's body was found in the back seat with his nose and ear bleed. While the police are mainly suspecting the financial matters to be the reason behind Jayaram's murder, they are also looking into possibilities like internal family conflicts and illicit affairs too. 



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