Sreemukhi Reaction Towards Media
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Speaking at a movie event, recently anchor-actor Bithri Sathi commented on anchor Sreemukhi's dress, regarding which the lady anchor also felt no bad. But it looks like some news channels don't want to let this die, and want to a make a hell out of it. 

At that function, Sathi actually questioned why Sreemukhi is wearing a revealing dress. For that, the actress replied, "I'm neither wearing a short dress, nor jeans or any other dress. In this gown, only some part under the neck is visible. And that is a glamor attraction to attract people like you". The conversation went rather funnily we have to say.

However, some news channels are coming up with debate programs on these comments, questioning the morals of Sathi (and all men) as to how he could advise a lady about what she should wear. When there is no content out there, it looks like we have to weave a controversy and spin stories around it. 

Not even a big debate on the budget, neither an explanation program regarding the new tax slabs and exemptions or any other analytical program has come up on the current situation of AP or Telangana in these channels. But they are worried about Sathi's comments on Sreemukhi. 



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