Pollachi Sexual Abuse Case-The Nation Has Been Completely Shattered With The Details
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The horrifying sexual assault case reported from Pollachi, TamilNadu, is causing a frenzy of outrage and sensation all over India. But what exactly happened on that day and how the hidden crime has been exposed?

A detailed story: A 19-year-old college going girl, on Feb 12, got a phone call from her male friend, Sabarirajan, asking to meet him alone on something important. The girl met him at a Pollachi bus stand and Sabarirajan was seen waiting in a car along with his another male friend, Thirunavukkarasu. When asked to get into the car, the girl agreed as she knows the other guy too. All of a sudden, two more men got into the car namely Sathish and Vasanthkumar.

Before she could comprehend the situation, all of them managed to strip the girl and started shooting a sexual video. They even took money and gold chain from her and warned if she does not provide them with demanded sexual favors, they would immediately upload her nude video on the internet. After getting what they want, they abandoned her on the road and drove away. After a few days of constant harassment from the men, the girl finally revealed the story to her family members.

The girl's brother, however, tried to find whereabouts of the two men and beaten them. But to his surprise, he found a frightening massive sexual racket in Sabarirajan's cellphone. The phone consisted of much such forced sex, rapes, and sexual assaults of women which left the girl's brother and his friends in shock.

These blackmailed videos have been immediately submitted in a police station seeking help. On Feb 24, a case has been filed on these four men under 354A, 354B, 394 of the IPC. The cops have asked other women identified in the accused cellphone to come forward and share their experiences.

The process of getting into the act: Sabarirajan befriends women and asks them innocently to meet at a secluded place. Then, he would rape or convince them to have forced sex. And, the other three shoots a video secretly on their cameras. And, one after the other continues to take places. In fact, one such video has been unveiled by a popular Tamil magazine. Post that, another video has been released where Sathish is involved in a sexual act. In all the videos, the doors are left open in order to shoot the crime conveniently.

A huge number of nearly 200 women have been struggling with the harassment and blackmail from the four men. After filing a case, the girl's brother Subhash has been attacked by Thirunavukkarasu and Sabarirajan's friends. A case has been filed on the same.

In front of the cops, one of the four men claimed that there are more men involved in this heinous act. After seeing the leaked videos, everyone's mind was blown as one of the victims was heard calling the man 'anna' and yet he is reluctant to listen and stop the rape. The outrage has been so intense that Tamilians demanded the central government to take action and blamed that if this would have happened in the North, people would have acted immediately.

The nation has been completely shattered with the details revealed and we ask one question to people - where are we heading? Such deeply disturbing incidents are still taking place even after 5 years of Nirbaya act. 



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