Mega Fans Straight Questions To Ali
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Of course, there are all the reasons on earth for comedian Ali to get upset after Pawan Kalyan has openly commented at Rajahmundry that the comedian has ditched him big time. But in his emotional retort, Ali is said to have irked Mega fans big time, and here is their response.

"You came here because of the path laid by Chiranjeevi, but I've come on my own," said Ali in his video, irking mega fans, who are now asking back, "Many kin and kith follow a big star, but that doesn't mean they will all succeed. We have Nagababu as well as Khayyum to cite as examples". Even observers feel that PK has grown to become that star who could pull 50+ crores collection even with a flop film, and to say that he came because of Chiru is a two-faced comment.

Ali shot back at Pawan, "Did I asked you to give a ticket for my relative?". But when Ali's brother Khayyum asked a favor, isn't it that Ali himself has asked for that? Okay, let's believe that, but why did Ali never spoke about his relative getting a Janasena ticket in the first place?

When the film industry is pressurized by many activists that an action should be taken on comedian Ali for his comments on Samantha's waist and Anushka's thighs, it is his relation with Pawan Kalyan that has slowed down the bigwigs. Isn't that help done by Pawan Kalyan? 

And one more straight question to Ali, who had all the rights in this great democracy to join that party he likes to, "What are those good things and great plans YS Jagan has than Pawan Kalyan, whom you know for years as a friend?". 

Seems like mega fans are fully hurt with Ali's satirically emotional retort, but we have to see how far people will believe both Pawan and this comedian. 



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