Chinmayis Overdose Feminism Disgusting
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According to psychiatrists, people who suffer from identity crisis want to express their views on many things and want them discussed and brainstormed by the people. Their egos get satisfied when their views are either praised or criticised coz. in either case their name is chanted by people. 

"Chinmayi is known for her overdose feminist attitude which, at times, even disgusts other women," said some women.

As we know, Sundeep Reddy's Arjun Reddy Bollywood remake Kabir Singh has scored a runaway hit at Bollywood box office. Bollywood's critics, who are known for their utmost jealousy on South Indian stars and technicians, tore apart Kabir Singh. Some of the women critics criticised hero slapping heroine in the film. 

But then, Sundeep has given a fitting retort to Bollywood critics. He made it clear that those scenes would be viewed as emotional parameters but not in terms of feminism.

Chinmayi, however, posted a series of tweets on the director's view. She unnecessarily dragged her feminist ideology into the emotional connect in Kabir Singh. She took a dig at the director's counter on Bollywood's critics. On a whole, Chinmayi opined that women shouldn't be slapped by men by any means. 

Irked by her strange attitude, a wise netizen posted a tweet expressing doubt how Rahul bears her attitude and ideology. Of course, Chinmayi, who is in a disturbed state, gave a counter to that netizen as well. 

"After all, we are human beings having all sorts of emotions. Some times we burst out on our husbands/ boy friends and the same maybe done by the men too. What we need to do is that we should control our emotions and should grow peace of mind to avoid any rifts between the men and the women. And this advise is applicable to both the men and the women," advised some women who felt pity on Chinmayi's views.



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