Before Poll Day Why So Many Lakshmis NTR Ads
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Praise Jagan for fighting in Andhra Pradesh since his father's death to bring a Rajanna Rajyam and then malign the image of Chandrababu Naidu by talking about some incidents that took place in the mid-90s. This is what the USP of YSR Congress since the election campaigning kicked up.

And now, it is widely believed that few leaders from this party trying to fund the promotions of Lakshmi's NTR movie on Telugu news channels. From last one week, the frequency of Lakshmi's NTR ads, where they showcase a lot of shots related to onscreen Chandrababu, are being aired big time. While the film hasn't released in Andhra Pradesh and almost out of theatres in Telangana, what is the use of these ads? 

Political observers are believing that YSR Congress is believing that there is no other way to degrade Chandrababu more directly than spending hugely to run these ads. Such that they believe some sort of negativity will be developed on the incumbent Chief Minister. 

This strategy may not work, because if people are so averse of Naidu or what has happened with NTR in the past, surely all the biopics of NTR would have become super hit. Currently AP is looking forward not for a rule, but someone who could take the state to prosperity. 



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