Hyderabad Tops The Position Continuously For The Fifth Time In A Row
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In a popular survey called Mercer Quality of Living rankings (2019), Hyderabad tops the position continuously for the fifth time in a row. The survey results have been released globally yesterday. Hyderabad shares the position with Pune and both the cities hold 143rd position all over the world.

Hyderabad has always been a densely populated city with rapid development. The city is a personification of best work-life balance along with entertainment, shopping, art and travel.

The characteristics of economic and public infatuate, USPs, availability of various facilities, and development in many sectors like medical, movement of local and international talent in cities, and standard of living are considered in the survey rankings.

Back in 2018, both Hyderabad and Pune were at the 142nd position and dropped by one this year. The top no.1 place was grabbed by Austria capital Vienna and it is the 10th time in a row. A total of 231 cities took part and seven of them were from India.



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