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Sensational beauty Payal Rajput has got 'sexy' tag with her stint in RX 100. Her upcoming film RDX Love is already making waves with the promising teaser and trailer with loads of romance and Payal at the center stage. However, Payal's filmy debut isn't all romantic. Like any new actress without filmy background, Payal too had her share of difficulties getting the break into industry. Admittedly, Payal had begged for 'Okka Chance' and even cried several times for lack of offers in hand. She apparently waited for 6 long years to get right break. And all her efforts, patience have paid off. After RX 100, Payal is a popular heroine with good fan base.

First Break

Born in Delhi and staying in Mumbai, Payal acted in TV serials after her college education. She acted in 3 TV serials and landed in a Punjabi film. Later, Payal had started her hunt for filmy offers down the South and waited for 6 years. She said she had participated in several audtions and got rejected many times. Payal said she was rejected on face and finally got break in form of her Tollywood debut RX 100. Payal is all smiles but hasn't forgotten her past. She says her stardom isn't overnight as she waited for so long.

Romantic Scenes

A year after her debut RX 100, she is happy that she is being called as Indu, the name of her role in RX 100. Payal says her mother was accompanying her during the shooting of romantic scenes in RX 100. Payal admitted that her mother was very uncomfortable while shooting such bold scenes. However, Payal said her mother got stunned with the fame and success the film got her. She said she would share the script details with her mother and take her opinion. But she added that her mother gave her full freedom and final decision lies on her own. With her second Telugu film RDX Love is all set for release on Oct 11, 2019, Payal is quite upbeat as she is confident of another memorable performance.


Giving a peep into her role in RDX Love, Payal said she plays Alivelu, a social worker who strives for her village and her people. She says she would do anything for the well-being of her village. The whole story revolves around Alivelu's character.

First Action Scene

Payal for the first time acted in an out and out action scene for RDX Love. However, she had injured herself during the shooting of the action scene. Payal is yet to recover from the injury as she still has the pain.

I Won't Sign For Money

Payal says she is determined to do the roles that excite her. She said she would only do a film if she likes her role. Payal says she won't sign films for the sake of money. She says she needs "kick" and says she would agree to do the roles that give her kick. Payal admitted that she was flooded with roles similar to that of Indu in RX 100 after the film's success and she said she hasn't signed any of such role.



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